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On September 12th around 7pm I took my kids to the Swartz Creek, Michigan DQ for dinner and dessert. I ordered for myself and my girls while my son ordered for himself.

My son ordered the #5 with ketchup only on it. An elderly man took our order and was friendly enough. However, he never repeated our order back to us to make sure it was right before paying. When the food was up and everyone was starting to eat, my son noticed that his burger had everything on it.

So I told my son to wrap it up and let them know that it was supposed to be with ketchup only on it. A new burger was brought out by a young lady. Half way though our meal, the elderly guy who rung us up came up to us and called me rude, rude for bringing the burger back and having a new one made. I told him calmly that I heard my son say he wanted ketchup only on his burger.

He said I was wrong, that my son did not or it would have been a "single button to push for that." I told him that I did hear him say he wanted ketchup only. Again he told me I was wrong. I stand 100% behind my son on how he ordered his meal. I was not happy at this point and just wanted him to go away before too many customers started staring, so I apologized many times (even though I had no reason to apologize) for the mix up on the burger.

He eventually backed off then said ok and "no hard feelings," then went back behind the counter. Never before has anyone at any restaurant ever came over to my table to call me rude for a mix-up on an order. I heard my son say ketchup only on his burger. I'm so infuriated to be confronted over something so asinine.

Not only had I lost my appetite, but I felt so outraged for pretty much being told I was the one at fault on how the burger was made. I had my kids throw away their garbage and I packed up my half eaten meal then left, no longer in the mood to stay, let alone get any dessert, which I was looking forward to having. I did give him an angry look as we were walking out of there. Needless to say I will not be taking my family to that DQ again any time soon.

That elderly employee was way out of line and he needs to know that treating customers like that is inexcusable!

Shame on him! And I found out the next day that he was the owner of that restaurant!!!

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"I'm so infuriated to be confronted over something so asinine." The only thing more asinine is complaining about something so trivial!

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