Just look at this, I am too through with Diary Queen! The dog is not a service dog, a bowl was passed out the window placed on the counter and dog began licking the ice cream and slob everywhere!!

After the dog was finished, the passed the bowl back through the window and she wiped the counter with a cloth and then wiped her hands and more customers approached the window! I did not witness her washing her hands!

I'M TRULY DISGUSTED! Then the nerve to have a 98 health score!

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You should get yourself a dog and then you will discover how wonderful they are and even be delighted when you kiss at it in the air and it licks your face.


How is this any different than all the grimy little kids that go up to the window, put their mouths on the counter, and touch everything with their unwashed E. coli infested hands?


Get some help, please. First of all - you didn't "see" the employee wash their hands, they most likely did.

This is something I see commonly at fast food places and it's no big deal. And who the *** are you to say it wasn't a service dog?! Do you know for a fact that this person doesn't have a mental disability?

Service dogs come in all sorts.

Did you know that 99% of psycopaths have a hatred of animals? Hmm..

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