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I am never going to patronize the Dairy Queen Restaurant on Manzanita and Winding Way in Carmichael. They don't appreciate their customers and don't have or know the meaning of Customer Service.

While I was giving my order in the drive thru with my kids, I asked for the restaurant to hold on while one of the kids was deciding what to get. The manager/owner, a white haired man a I would find out later, told me to hurry up because he had other customers to serve. There were no other drive thru customers and maybe there were two cars in the parking lot.

I completed the order and when I got to the window, I told him I didn't think it was appropriate for him to rush the customer. The man said, "I told you I had other customers and I can't wait on you!". Here I was about to give this guy $10.45 and he is giving me grief? I told him I didn't need to spend my money at a place that didn't appreciate its patrons, and I left.

This restaurant hardly sees much business and should be grateful for anyone coming thru with such better ice cream parlors around. He could've easily have said for me to take my time and he would help someone else and would get back to me.

Instead, he just wanted to rush me thru. Even McDonald's doesn't try to rush you. They want your money and are happy to wait for you to decide how much you are going to spend it. Very few businesses are demonstrating or teaching customer service skills and this old guy should've known better. With those critical skills lacking, it won't be much longer that they will go out of business.

Bring back Foster's Freeze! All hail to Leatherby's and Cold Stone. Do not patronize Dairy Queen in Carmichael!

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I manage a Dairy Queen. We don't have a speaker because it is a small store, so people order directly at the window.

The menu is well before you get to the window. People often sit at the window for several minutes, holding up the line and then still don't know what they want when they come to the window.

We lose money because people drive off. Please try to step into their shoes before you complain, you have no idea of some of the horrible customers fast food places get.

Estherville, Iowa, United States #57262

I used to work at a DQ that had a drive thru. The store I worked at had a drive thru long enough to have 8 cars in it at a time.

I never hurried anyone. Even though drive thru is supposed to be faster than inside and customers should have some sort of an idea what they want before they get to the speaker I just took my time and made sure I got their order correct.

Not all DQ's have owners or employees that act like that. Please try another store and see if you get a better response.

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