My husband and I went through the drivethru at dq for a quick snack. He got French fries and I got a blizzard.

After we got our food we were driving down the road enjoying it...until my third *** when I bit into something hard. I spit into a napkin and found that there was an ear ring in my Ice cream! Needless to say I was irate. We immediately turned around and went back.

I went inside and demanded to speak to a manager. She came around the counter and SHUSHED me because she didn't want the customers in the dining area to hear. I told her what had happened and she offered me my money back and a free replacement. I said heck yeah I was gonna get my money back but keep your ice cream, like I would ever be able to eat anything from there again.

Afterwards my husband called the main headquarters to report it and we were told that they couldn't do anything unless they get two complaints about the exact same thing.

So basically another customer would have to nearly crack their tooth on an earring before they could do anything. After we hung up with them we called the Texas health dept and they did send someone to investigate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dairy Queen French Fries.

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Cleveland, Ohio, United States #802508

theres always some anonymouse prevert making lewd comments on all these pages hiding behind DADDYS LAPTOP. you think that lady made up a story so she can get a free 1.29 cone?

then spend 50 bux on the internet to tell us about it??? wtf???

i dont think so. i think if someone wanted to klie theyd make a bigger lie not a small one and they damed sure wouldnt load up 50 bux a month for internet just to ragg on someone, wake up

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #802506

good luck

Cle Elum, Washington, United States #772580

Maybe she was trying to shush you because you were making a scene, honestly you are lucky she did not call the police on you. People pull all kinds of scams even place things inside the food themselves to get free food.

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