Mineola, Texas

After getting my order completely wrong, the femal worker at the Lindale Dairy Queen gave me my food and was strangely snickering as she did. After inspecting my food when I came home, I noticed a pool of spit in my burger and my gravy was literally white water.

I was treated somewhat decently by the manager, the drive-thru worker was extremely disrespectful towards me. She also proceed to yell that I am "an *** who shouldn't even receive my food." I will no longer be giving my local Dairy Queen any business for being complete douchebags and ripping me off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dairy Queen Manager.

Monetary Loss: $9.

  • Spit in food
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I work in a restaurant and I would never ever do that to somebody's food no matter what the situation was

Copperas Cove, Texas, United States #676270

1406 Georgetown Rd Copperas Cove Texas 76522

DQ now ranks right along with Burger King and McDs for worst burgers ever. Why do the pickles steam?

Because the burgers are microwaved with the pickles on them. This happened to my 4 yr old grandchild on July 2 2013. First *** and the scalding hot pickle pulls out and burned his bottom lip. He cried out and I quickly removed the pickle from his mouth.

I opened the burger and five pickle slices were steaming. Not the burger but the pickles. When pointing out the scalding pickle issue and lip burning to one of the workers, she told the manager but no one came to address the situation. DQ you are now one of nastiest food chains out there.

Dirty store, poor quality food and awful customer service.

We were also the only customers in the store at the time. Maybe a sign.

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