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I've always been a fan of stopping here on my way to the coast but no longer... On Friday I experienced something that I've heard other mothers talk about but never had it happened to me firsthand.

I was ordering food at the Dairy Queen in Banks Oregon and my 8 month old daughter was getting fussy so I said, "mommy will feed you." I covered myself, as I always do, and started feeding her. While I was in the act of getting my daughter feed, I heard the employee muffle under her breath, "oh you better not." I heard it, but I double doubted myself at this point and said nothing. I had a puzzled look on my face and continued feeding her. In the mean time, I had handed her my credit card and she quickly swiped it and threw it back towards me on the counter and walked away.

Again I was stunned and puzzled over this interaction. She came back hastily and placed part of my order on the counter and then walked away again...This time I said, "excuse me, do you have a problem because I'm feeding my baby?" She said, "acctually I do." A gentleman behind me saw the bizarre interaction and asked me what was going on? I explained that "she has a problem with me feeding my baby. When she heard this conversation she started to go off on me.

Employee-"It's within my rights not to have you breastfeed in front of me." Me-"Are you serious, are you completely out of your mind? Are you telling a mother that she can't feed her hungry child?" Employee- "yes you can't do this and I don't have to take it." Me-"excuse me... can I speak to your manager?" Employee-"she's right there." she was working the next register over and hadn't interjected or said anything. I looked at the manager and I was appalled at both of them.

Then I said to the manager, "are you going to do something about this situation? Your employees behavior is totally unacceptable." The manager looks at me and does nothing...The employee then asks the person behind me if she could help him. He says that he couldn't support an establishment that treats others like this and left. I then addressed the manager again and told her that she needed to do something about her employee.

She asked her employee to come with here and the employee just kept shouting and yelling that it was my fault and that she had every right to do what she just did. I was getting ready to leave and then realized that this needed to get addressed on a bigger scale. I collected the corporate number and the names of those involved from another employer. I'm not sure who to be more angry at the employee who treated me this way or the manager who didn't do anything.

She never even apologized for her employee's mistake. Am I in the wrong to have wanted an apology?... WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WERE PUT IN THIS SITUATION???

I'm sure I would have cussed her out and raised my voice at her but because I had my 2 kids I had to handle this situation to the best of my ability. And dang I wish I had this conversation recorded....

Product or Service Mentioned: Dairy Queen Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Mountain View, California, United States #1286077

If you go to the media with this story, the wrath that will be unleashed on those employees will make them re-think their behavior in the future.

to Anonymous #1286249

Yes! Attack fast food employees! Always make people think you are tough!

to offconsumerpissed #1286428

Is there something wrong with you? No one said anything about aattacking a person to look tough!

I don't care what line of work these people are in, fastfood, accounting or biochemical warfare, they need to learn their behavior is not acceptable. So, you can drop the hysterics. Normally, when a woman is confronted and chastised for breastfeeding, local moms will stage a sit-in where they are breastfeed at the same time to send a message. It is through the media these sit-ins are organized.

THAT is what I was talking about. I didn't think I had to be so specific and explain that it detail, but then I didn't know some complete d-bag was going to come along and look for something in my posting to misconstrue and whine about.

God, you are annoying! Ugghhh!

to Anonymous Ashburn, Virginia, United States #1286505

I think what offconsumerpissed is saying is that fastfood workers are all little snowflakes. lol

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