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I stopped going to Dairy Queen a few months ago because of a extremely skinny and rude girl. She has longish brown hair and nasty teeth.

On our first complaint, she was extremely rude, she forgot to bring our food out and when she did, she basically threw it on our table!

On our last visit, we thought we would go back in hopes she was gone, are hopes were diminished! As, we walked in we were greeted by a nice older woman, she said welcome to DQ I will be with you in just a moment, let me wash my hands.

While we were waiting for her, the same girl came to the counter, thinking she was going to wait on us we began to tell her what we would like to order,big mistake. She very rudely informed us that taking orders is NOT her job and we needed to deal with the counter lady!

As she walked off to the right she started cussing about how its not her job to deal w/ f%$#ing customers anymore and that whoever she was talking to needed to keep them away from her!

I was extremely disappointed and humiliated, being the type of person she is, I thought DQ would have gotten rid of her by now!

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Estherville, Iowa, United States #57263

Perhaps they are short on help and simply cannot get rid of her until they get someone else hired and trained? Maybe she is related to the ownership of the store?

Maybe she is sleeping with the boss? My husband and I operate several fast food restuarants. Three of them are DQ's. We also run a Pretzelmaker, Taco John's, and a KFC/Long John Silver's.

We have managers under us for the KFC and Taco Johns so my husband goes in them each week and makes sure they are running correctly. We seem to have more problems with the Dairy Queens than any of the other stores. This is due to the quality of help that applies to work for us. In two of the stores we are so desperate for help that we simply can't fire anyone.

All of the manufacturing employees will not work in fast food because they are all sitting at home doing nothing collecting unemployment. They could work for us and still collect partial unemployment, but they won't . Most owner operators or managers try to maintain a clean well run store, but if you are at the mercy of your staff, it is really hard to do that. I would suggest that you call the store durring the day and ask for the manager and tell him or her about your experience, If you get no satisfaction, then go to

They have a comment site that you can file a complaint. This will get IDQ breathing down the neck of whoever owns and operates the store. However, do not write names or try to get this lady fired. If she does, and she knows about the internet complaint, she can sue you for damages.

I know this because I have consulted with a lawyer when we were having problems with a certain person that was filling false complaints about an employee. You cannot just write anything you please about someone without consequences.

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