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Being a responsible consumer is not that hard. I have a few stories to tell you.

I work at an auto parts store and have seen firsthand how people like to come into our store and pick fights over *** things with anyone they can. The other day I had a gentleman call and speak with one of our parts guys. He asked for freeze plugs for a Jeep. My parts guy has worked there for over 3 years and has extensive knowledge of our inventory. He informed the man that the only freeze plugs we carry in stock are for small block Ford and Chevy vehicles. The guy replied, asking the parts guy if he was going to "look it up." The parts associate told him, "No, I don't need to. I already know that we don't stock them." He then asked to speak with management, and that's where I come in. The man informed me that that was the worst customer service that he had ever been given. I asked the man, had the parts guy looked it up and then told you no, would you be satisfied. He said yes. How much sense does this make? He then said, "I don't care if your parts guy knows the inventory like the back of his hand, he should have gone through the steps anyway." Ok, so let's waste everyone's time, including yours, for no apparent reason. He is clearly not thinking. I think this is one guy that would ask Taco Bell if they sell cheeseburgers and then make them look it up, just to make sure.

Next story. A lady comes in to have a window motor installed in our service center. The service manager lets her know that she will need to leave the car for several hours, as they have several cars ahead of her. She agrees and leaves. She comes back 3 hours later and tells the service guys that she wants them to drop what they are doing and fix her car. Of course, it is first come first serve, but I guess some people are too *** to get what that means. She then gets totally irate and says that she now wants it done for free. They tell her they will drop what they are doing and get it done to please her, but she will still have to pay and she agrees. The mechanic goes to put the window motor on, and guess what, it's the wrong part. And, yes, she brought the part in, she didn't buy it from us. So now, not only does she have to deal with finding a new part, but it's going to be another week before she can have it installed. Oh the irony. It's just like one guy said, would you buy your hamburger meat at Kroger and then take it to Dairy Queen and have them cook it?

Ok, so now you know how people can be totally irresponsible consumers. It's ok to make complaints when you feel you were wronged, but make sure it's a legitimate complaint. Don't complain because someone didn't hold your hand and walk you to a product if they only told you what aisle it was on. Do something for yourself and wise up. Ask pertinent questions to better your knowledge of car repair and retail sales. If you don't understand something, familiarize yourself with the facts FIRST before you get irate. It only makes YOU look like a fool.

Being a responsible consumer makes the world better for everyone. And, we are not working in a position to be scrutinized at our every move. We do our jobs the best that we possibly can, but some people, as you know, wouldn't know satisfaction if it slapped them in the face.

Happy shopping, and please, get the facts first, it will benefit you in the long run.

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Id be pissed off at your company too honestly it sounds like ur an ahole

Hopewell, Pennsylvania, United States #25996

i agreed completly well said

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