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    • Customer service 3
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I love there food. Customer service is terrible.

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The employees smoke marijuana in bathrooms. They constantly talk about smoking it. Its a very unprofessional place of business. The bathrooms are always filthy. The whole place is not very clean.

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Dairy Queen in Cullman Alabama. My husband is a paramedic and was getting a small discount on a meal every now and then but tonight they told him because he wasn't a police officer he couldn't have it anymore and I don't think that's right he works hard to serve this community just like police and firefighters. If you want to get down to it there are some days he works harder then they do. I will tell everyone I know which is mostly people in... Read more

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Went threw drive ordered three five dollar lunches with blizzards had to wait over twenty mins for food and i got pumpkin blizzard and it had no flavor to it all.

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I went and used the washroom at the Edson Dairy Queen. The walls and door were dirty with hand prints,the toilet had dust at the back of the toilet seat. I went and complained to the Manager. All he could say was I cleaned them this morning. I told him people touch everything. You just don't wipe the seat. You disinfect everything.

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interrupted 3 times while giving my order telling me to hold on.T no customers inside.GIRL AT WINDOW TOOK MY MONEY AGAIN .I was so long waiting I turned my car off.The people in the car behind me left they were so long in line,I would have done it too except no-one had returned with my change or my meal.I blew the horn before someone came back ,and then got an attitude with me.Empty inside now I know why.I will not go back there again I dont... Read more

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I got a cheese burger at the lithonia GA. Location I ate it 1 hour later I started burping a rotton egg taste .it was nasty . The next day I got into car the dq bag was their no burger in but you could smell it but no burger in bag never see them cook.when they do they cook a lot at one time thing then put in storage yuck nasty.

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I ordered a medium Heath blizzard when they gave it to me I didn't see any Heath so I took it inside and told them there is no Heath in this the manager said I made it myself and I made it to Dairy Queen standards that's all we are told to put in there I told him that's the only Dairy Queen I have problems with and I will never return he said that's fine lol what a manager

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Food was cream is great. Service is great friendly..

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Dairy Queen Ice Cream Review from Newburgh, New York
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I went to the Dairy Queen in the town where I work and whoever made my ice cream filled it up way too high and admitted when I call them that they shouldn't have giving me a soft blizzard. By the time I pulled out of the driveway and got to the traffic light my blizzard was already melting. Read more

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